Electroguard ESD Paints are simple and easy to apply. They can be applied by roller, brush or spraying. The simplicity is such that they can be applied in-house or by industrial paint contractors if preferred. Electroguard can be applied to concrete, wood, tiles, plasterboard etc.

Two coats are recommended for best results and should be applied over a sound, sealed floor or wall, free from dirt, oil or any loose particles. It is strongly recommended that Electroguard not be applied over bare surfaces. Where this occurs a Water Based Primer should first be applied. Primers are used to seal the surface, ensure maximum coverage of Electroguard and give a superior surface for Electroguard to adhere / key onto.

We advise against applying if the temperature is below 10°C or if the Moisture Content of the concrete surface to be applied over is greater than 15%. Curing times are dependent on temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Ideally, leave for 24-48 hours before walking over newly painted surfaces. This will prevent marking whilst the paint is still curing.

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