Can I apply the paint?

Yes, you do not need specialist knowledge to apply A40 or E30. For large areas we would recommend using a paint contractor but for small areas it is simple to apply in-house.

Do I need specialist equipment to apply the paint?

No. A standard roller is all that is required.

How do I prepare the surface?

Wash, de-grease and remove any loose items of debris. You may need to blast clean or grind the surface in certain circumstances.

Do I need to use a Primer?

If the floor, concrete, wood etc. is bare then a primer is critical and should always be used.

What if the floor is already painted?

If the current surface is painted and in good condition then it simply needs to be cleaned thoroughly before A40 or E30 can be applied straight over it.

Can I use the paint on walls?

We would recommend either Statclear A50 or Electroguard A40 for use on walls. We would always ask if painting walls is necessary, an ESD painted floor should be sufficient, but if you would like to paint walls as well then either A50 or A40 is ideal.

What if the floor is newly laid concrete?

Newly laid concrete can still be curing 6 months after being laid. Ideally the concrete would be left until fully cured before paint is applied over it. If that is not possible then a specialist moisture resistant primer will be required before A40 or E30 is applied.

How do I know if newly laid concrete is ready to be painted over?

New concrete can be painted over using standard primers when the moisture content level is below 15%. When the level is higher a specialist moisture resistant primer will be required.

Is there a minimum temperature level required for applying the paint?

Do not apply the paint if the temperature in the building is below 10°C. Low temperatures affect drying and curing times.

What is the ideal temperature for applying paint?

The ideal temperature would be 20°C but anything over 15°C is okay. A warm, well ventilated building will assist the drying / curing process.

Why two layers of A40 / E30?

Two layers will give a more consistent ESD reading, it will provide greater durability and will be more aesthetically pleasing.

Which paint should I use, A40 or E30?

A40 will be suitable for most uses. If you are going to use the paint in areas of high traffic or where durability will be tested then the extra strength of E30 would be the preferred option.

How long does each coat take to dry?

This is very much temperature / ventilation dependent but on average you can re-coat over A40 after 8-10 hours and over E30 after 10-12 hours. Ideally we would recommend 24 hours between coats but we accept that time pressures mean this is not always possible.

Do I need to earth the floor?

We recommend that you earth the floor every 111m². It is not always necessary on very large floor areas but we would still suggest it is a good idea. We will supply adhesive backed copper tape to earth the floor FOC. Our blog will help

Do I earth the floor using a grid system?

That is not necessary. You only need 10cm of tape per 111m² to actually be on the surface area. This can be hidden in a corner, under a machine or anywhere on the floor but needs to be connected to an earth point. Our blog will help

How do I earth the floor?

The end of the copper tape needs to go into an earth point. This could be a bare steel strut or a specific earth box that is linked to an earth within the buildings electrical system. Most companies link the box to the earth of a plug socket. Please ensure that only a qualified electrician has any dealings with the earth of a socket. Our blog will help

How long before I can walk / move machinery on to the finished surface?

We would recommend 24 hours. Ideally we would suggest 72 hours to allow the paint to fully cure and give a more robust finish but we accept that time pressures mean this is not always possible.


How do I know if the paint is providing protection?

You will need to test the floor using a Surface Resistance Meter. These are easily obtainable. Edson can supply one if required.

What is the specification that the floor needs to meet?

IEC 61340-5-1/2

Is the paint conductive?

The paint is in the Static Dissipative Range. This is required for most floors. People use the phrase conductive but in reality they need a static dissipative floor.


How do I clean the floor?

A standard detergent will be fine. Please ensure it does not have a waxing agent in it as this will coat and insulate the floor. Do not allow water to pool on the floor after cleaning as this may damage the paint. Any excess water should be mopped up immediately.

What do I do if the paint gets damaged over time? Do I need to strip it off and start again?

No. You simply need to clean the existing floor and touch up. The new layer will key into the existing paint.

What if I have any questions not asked here?

Please ring or email. We have many years of technical expertise behind us and are happy to answer any question. We do not bite!