Caring for your ESD floor

Red ESD floor

You have invested time and money into your ESD floor. The floor is now an integral part of your static control system so you want to maintain it properly so that it continues to work effectively for the foreseeable future.


Simple steps to care for your ESD floor

The good news is that your painted ESD floor is easy to maintain if you follow a few simple steps:

  1. Sweep -The best way to maintain your floor’s static properties is to keep it clean of dirt. Anything that causes a layer on top the the floor is preventing the floor from working properly. Static will also build up quicker on a dirty floor due to the added friction caused by shoes rubbing on dust and dirt. Sweeping the floor regularly using a dry mop will remove dirt and ensure nothing is preventing the floor working to remove static.
  2. Protect – make sure that you look after the floor and take action not to damage the surface. Be careful when moving heavy items of furniture/machinery so that you do not scratch the floor. Your painted floor will be able to cope with general foot and vehicle traffic and in the case of Electroguard E30, a polyurethane paint, withstand very heavy traffic wear. Damaged areas should be repainted to ensure no loss of protection.
  3. Wash – In the real world, floors will get dirty and your ESD floor can be washed with water and a simple mop and bucket. For harsher stains a cleaner can be used but please ensure it is a neutral ph cleaner. Many commonly used cleaning products leave behind a residue which will act as a sealer to your ESD floor and prevent it working.There are ESD floor cleaners available which include an antistat that attracts moisture from the atmosphere that eliminate static build up. Cleaning with the wrong products can impact the effectiveness of your static floor so please get in touch if you have any questions.
  4. Water – whilst we recommend cleaning your floor with water, when sweeping won’t suffice, please do not leave pools of water on the floor surface since it will cause the paint to crack and lift. After washing ensure that any water is removed and the floor allowed to dry. Also remove any spills of oil or corrosive substances as soon as possible.

I hope we haven’t scared you with the above because it is very easy to look after your painted ESD floor and the above is all common sense.