Statclear and ESL Audio Speakers

ESL Audio Speakers

When we started to develop Statclear A50 we knew there was a demand in our core market,the electronics manufacturing industry, for a permanent clear anti static coating. We have been surprised by interest in Statclear from a broad range of other markets including packaging, escalator maintenance and even the Canadian police force. What we did not expect was to find it to be popular in the production of specialist, High End ESL Audio Speakers.


We have now supplied 4 manufacturers and are receiving regular enquiries for this specialist use.


Below are just a few comments from contented Statclear customers :


“I have been designing and building electrostatic speakers for about 35 years now, and one of the problems is maintaining a slight conductivity of the coating on the diaphragm in the order of 50 to 200M ohms (50×10 (6) , 200 x 10 (6) per unit area over long periods of time (years) and I have tried everything  from liquid ivory soap to chimney soot and many potions in between. None seems to last more that about 2 to eight months whilst there is no physical contact with the coating a high voltage is connected to it (3000v) depending on the speaker, no current flows the object is to apply an electrostatic charge on the 2 uMtr mylar film which is stretched tight between 2 outer perforated metal electrodes to which is applied the audio signal, again at very high voltages through a coupling Transformer to higher coating resistance (400 G+ Ohms)  leads to fading away of sound due to leakage to the air too lower resistance (10 M Ohms or less) causes sparking to the electrodes and physical collapse (the diaphragm is pulled and sticks on one of the electrodes) and distortion increases. Statclear has solved this problem.


ESL Audio SpeakersESL Speakers

“Conductive coating is one of the most important elements affecting the sound quality and reliability of electrostatic loudspeaker. For sure, there are many so called “most important” variables but this one is exceptionally decisive when it’s not working properly. Coating should satisfy many conditions :


– Long-term stability

– Resistance to UV light(important for designs without protective cloth)

– As little as possible variation depending on relative humidity

– Resistance not too high, typically below approx 10^10 Ohm*sq(A notable exception is quad ESL 57).

– Resistance not too low, typically above 10^8 to limit change migration.

– Low added mass”

I am very pleased to say the Statclear A50 is just the job!”

ESL speakersESL speakers

We are delighted that Statclear A50 Anti Static Coating has satisfied these ESL Speaker producers. If you would like further information about Statclear or a free sample please get in touch.