How much Electroguard Paint do I need?

Electroguard paint calculator

Paint coverage varies depending on the product, the porosity of the surface to which the paint is being applied, air temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Buying only the paint you need keeps costs down and is better for the environment.

For Electroguard ESD paints the coverage is as follows:


Electroguard  A40 : Coverage: 10m² per Litre, 50m² per tin, one coat (we recommend 2 coats)


Electroguard E30 : Coverage: 9m² per litre, 45m² per tin, one coat (we recommend 2 coats)


The above calculations are based on a recommended typical thickness of 40 microns per coat.  It may be easier to mark out areas that can be easily completed without stopping, i.e. 45m²/50m²  for a 5-litre unit, to ensure the correct thickness of paint.

To take the stress out of ordering the right amount of paint and to find out how much paint you will need for your floors we have created an Electroguard paint calculator:

Electroguard paint calculator


Simply enter the width and length of the area to be painted, which Electroguard ESD paint you require, and the calculator will work out how many 5 litre tins you require. The calculator assumes 2 coats of paint as is recommended.

Electroguard anti static paint is a simple, cost effective solution to static problems and our paint calculator makes the process one step easier