Five benefits of an Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring is a great option for many different types of buildings and is very widely used on industrial or commercial floors, in laboratories, showrooms, schools, plant rooms and in the food industry.  It is affordable, durable, and versatile.

What is an epoxy floor coating?

An epoxy coating is a two-part product formed by mixing a resin and a hardener/activator just before application. By mixing the two components you create a chemical reaction, leading to a tough, durable, long lasting coating.


  • Durable

If you are looking for a long lasting floor covering, an epoxy coating can be the ideal option. They can be subject to heavy traffic and chemicals with minimal impact. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to many products – oil, bleach, petrol, diesel, cleaners and more. This is one of the main reasons they are frequently used in garages. They are almost impervious to most chemical spills without any negative effects on the coating and are also heat and water-resistant.

  • Easy to Clean

An epoxy coating protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks.  Once an epoxy coating is installed it provides the concrete with a protective layer. The epoxy coating has a gloss finish which creates a non-absorbent surface which is easy and efficient to clean, reducing maintenance costs over other floor types. It provides a dust free surface.

  • Versatile

As well as being available in a range of colours, an epoxy coating can be offered in a number of variations:

Fast cure – reduces the curing time of the coating to minimise downtime.

High Build – coating that can be applied in one coat where it is impractical to apply two coats.

Non slip – additives can be added to the coating to provide additional safety.

  • Economical

Installing an epoxy floor coating is affordable compared to alternative floor coatings. Taking into account low maintenance costs and longevity of the coating it is an affordable option for many commercial uses.

  • Safe

Epoxy coatings are resistant to extreme and sudden impact, high temperatures, and even fire.

The smooth epoxy surface aids light reflection and with an expansive range of colour options. They can be used to mark out specific areas and walkways.


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