How to prepare your floor for anti static paint

Sweep floor with a Brush

We can’t stress enough how important it is to prepare the surface properly before the application of ESD paint. This is the most important part of any floor installation. If you just slap on the paint without any preparation, the results will be haphazard so like any job, preparation is the key, and will save time and money in the future.



What is the current floor surface?

Bare concrete: when was the floor laid?

Newly laid concrete can still be curing 6 months after being laid. Ensure that the concrete is DRY (less than 5.5 on Protimeter Screed Scale or less than 15% Moisture content).

Ideally the concrete would be left until fully cured before paint is applied over it. If that is not possible then a specialist moisture resistant primer will be required.


Wash floor


Next wash, de-grease and remove any loose items of debris. You may need to blast clean or grind the surface in certain circumstances. The final appearance will be greatly improved if the surface is flat and sound. Remember to rinse the floor with plain water after cleaning with a detergent as any soap film left on the surface could create an insulative layer.

All concrete floors should then be sealed with a Water Based Sealer/Primer.


Apply primer


Other bare floor surfaces:

For any other bare floor surfaces, ie mezzanine or linoleum, follow the above instructions : clean and prime.


Existing Floor Paint :

Electroguard has excellent adhesion properties and will adhere to most painted surfaces. If, however, the underlying paint surface is not sound then it will need to be removed. Loose paint should be removed and the floor surface treated as for bare concrete (see above).

Before coating the floor all grease and chemicals should be rinsed off using a detergent, and allowed to dry.

A sealer/ primer may not be needed if the floor is already painted however a sealer/primer may be required in certain circumstances. It is always best to pick up the phone if you are unsure.


You have now completed all of the above steps and are ready to open the tins of paint. By carrying out the above, relatively easy steps, you will ensure you have a floor covering that will remove static safely and look good for years to come.


Application details:


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