What causes paint pitting?

Paint pitting

One of the potential consequences of applying too thick a layer of paint is pitting.

Pitting is characterized by many small yet deep holes on the paint surface.

Pitting on metal painted surface

There is a great temptation to apply paint in thick layers. This is particularly tempting when the surface to be painted is not particularly smooth or even. By applying thick layers of paint it is believed that the paint will smooth out the imperfections and correct any faults.


This approach should be avoided. Electroguard ESD paint will not smooth out an existing surface since it is not a self levelling product. If the floor surface has imperfections before the paint is applied then those imperfections will continue to be seen, they will simply be painted. We always recommend spending time on surface preparation before applying our ESD Paint. This is the most important part of any floor installation.  We can recommend and supply products to perfect your floor surface prior to Electroguard application.


Pitting occurs when paint is not able to dry evenly. The top layer ‘skins’ over and surface dries whilst the lower layers dry at a slower rate. This causes shrinkage and unevenness. A hot environment or area of very low humidity will exaggerate the problem further.


We recommend a typical thickness of 40 microns per coat of Electroguard and two thin coats of paint. To ensure correct coverage we recommend marking out areas, 50 m2 for a 5 litre unit of A40 or 45 m2 based on one coat of E30.


When in doubt apply thin layers of paint on a prepared surface.


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