How Temperature Affects Paint Application

Temperature for paint application

The ambient temperature in a room when applying Electroguard paint, and primers, is very important and should not be ignored.

Perfect Temperature

The perfect temperature for applying paint is between 15-20°C. This temperature range, in a well ventilated room, is optimum for application, drying and curing.

Too cold

We advise against applying Electroguard paint if the temperature is below 10°C. At this point the surface takes much longer to dry, allowing dirt, debris, insects etc to embed themselves into the paint. It also impacts curing meaning greater propensity for the paint to crack or peel later in life.

Other issues, if the temperature is too cold, are a thicker viscosity leading to poorer coverage rates, poor colour uniformity and a higher mixing time.

Please bear in mind, when applying in colder months, that concrete will be colder than the air temperature. This needs to be factored in if the air temperature is borderline.

Too hot

Applying above 30°C can also cause problems. High temperatures can cause the paint to dry inconsistently across the surface, the heat prevents the required spreading and wetting out, and even within the surface. The top of the paint can dry but be soft underneath still, effectively creating a crust. This makes the surface inherently weak.

There are also problems with adhesion of the paint to the surface underneath at these temperatures.

If in any doubt, wait until temperatures are more suitable.

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